How to top up

You can Top up through Equity Bank As Follows:

Equity Bank Account Details

Account Name:       Lotuscom East Africa Ltd
Account number:    0470279903991
Branch:                      Moi Avenue, Nairobi

See below

Once you Deposit through Equity Bank, take the RRN number on the receipt and feed it on the Mobile application under Send Equity RFN, the Float will automate Instantly

Mobile App Menu

Lipa na Mpesa

Use the Registered Safaricom Number 

  • Go to Safaricom Lipa na Mpesa
  • Buy Goods (Till number) 5256851
  • Enter the Preferred Amount
  • The Float will Automate Instantly


Top up using the Equitel Paybill Number 

Equitel paybill no: 903900


Transaction Process

The Airtime buying process involves indicated below:

Step 1
Customer requests for a Airtime and furnishes their number to Vendor

Step 2
Vendor initiates transaction

Step 3
Request for pin is sent to server

Step 4
Valid PIN is sent to Terminal

Pinless Top up

  • Customer Requests for Airtime from  and furnishes their number to retailer / Vendor
  • The Vendor tops up airtime directly to Customers phone number
  • Customer receives an SMS message for Succesful top up
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